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The Conversation: Employers should help workers struggling with child care during COVID-19

The media abounds with stories of how working parents across Canada are struggling with caring for their young children during the COVID-19 pandemic while daycares and schools closed or operated part-time. So what is the responsibility of employers towards employees who have children during the pandemic? Are organizations responsible for their employees, and if so, …

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Why did so few women in the 1940s get educated and rise through the ranks? Here is an answer, and a book review

I recently read “Creativity – the psychology of discovery and invention”, a fascinating book on creativity written by Professor Csikszentmihaly  at Claremont Graduate University. It is based on interviews conducted between 1990 and 1995 with ninety-one individuals who had made a difference to a major domain of culture, the hallmark of creativity. Many of these …

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The Gazette: How is the gender gap in Canadian corporate leadership affecting our boardrooms?

A few weeks ago, I spoke with Lindsay Burgess, from The Gazette, a newspaper in Montreal, Canada. We discussed my research on the gender gap in corporate leadership in Canada; in a recent position paper, available here, the Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations shows that the gender gap in boardrooms across Canada …

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Sexual harassment and how we talk about it in organizations

Today, the Luc Beauregard Centre for Excellence in Communications Research at Concordia University welcomed Professor Debbie Dougherty from the University of Missouri, who gave a fascinating talk about sexual harassment in organizations and about the role of communication in sexual harassment. Communication is about the creation of meaning; in other words, when we talk about …

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What is corporate responsibility?

I am discovering the work of Iris Marion Young, a philosopher and political scientist who wrote much about justice. I find her work relevant to think about corporations and their responsibility, because she discusses the notion of personal responsibility, which refers to what each individual is responsible for, and social structures, which designate the opportunity …

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