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The Conversation: Employers should help workers struggling with child care during COVID-19

The media abounds with stories of how working parents across Canada are struggling with caring for their young children during the COVID-19 pandemic while daycares and schools closed or operated part-time. So what is the responsibility of employers towards employees who have children during the pandemic? Are organizations responsible for their employees, and if so, …

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LSE Business Review: Threats to professional identities can lead to resistance to organisational change

Professional service firms, like law firms, need to comply with multiple demands on how they should operate and what they should deliver. Society demands transparency and accountability. Legal professionals who work in professional service firms ask for autonomy and discretion. The clients of professional service firms request not only cost efficiency but also short delivery …

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Why did so few women in the 1940s get educated and rise through the ranks? Here is an answer, and a book review

I recently read “Creativity – the psychology of discovery and invention”, a fascinating book on creativity written by Professor Csikszentmihaly┬á at Claremont Graduate University. It is based on interviews conducted between 1990 and 1995 with ninety-one individuals who had made a difference to a major domain of culture, the hallmark of creativity. Many of these …

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