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What is the research programme about?  This research programme improves our understanding of financialization. Markets, and in particular financial markets, play an increasing role in society, in different countries including Canada. The research programme is original in that it uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore how financialization comes about, how it manifests itself, and what it implies (e.g., for corporations, for regulators, for society).

What will the research programme achieve? Results from this research programme contribute to current research on markets and on financial markets, which often takes an approach steeped in economics that sidesteps questions of ethics, morality and power. In contrast, this research programme relies not just on economics, but also on sociology and philosophy to develop our understanding of financialization.

What are the details of the researche programme?
Principal Investigator: Professor Claudine Mangen
Team Members: Professors Marion Brivot (Université Laval), Michel Magnan (Concordia University), Aude Deville (Université de Nice), Véronique Pérès (Université de Nice)
Funding Agency: RBC Professorship in Responsible Organizations, SSHRC

What are the outputs from the research programme?
The challenges of IAS 41 for retail and sophisticated investors: Lessons from the marijuana industry in Canada, 2019, revise-and-resubmit at Accounting Perspectives, with Alexia Paduano, Bianca Paduano, Jessica Hadzurik, Juliano Leggio, Kayla Russo
Uncoupling CEO cash pay from performance when bankruptcy approaches: The role of conflicting interests regarding CEO effort, 2018, revise-and-resubmit at the Journal of Business Finance & Accounting
On Humanities in Business Education, 2018, post for the blog of the European Accounting Association
Understanding student motivations in the auditing/accounting programs: An exploratory research, 2017, Finance, Contrôle et Stratégie Vol 20 No 3, with Aude Deville and Véronique Peres
Economic shocks affect how CEOs are evaluated, 2017, post for the blog of the London School of Economics
Implications of economic shocks for CEO performance evaluation, 2017, European Accounting Review Vol 26 No 4, Claudine Mangen
The challenge of sustaining organizational hybridity: The role of power and agency, 2015, Human Relations Vol 68 No 4, with Marion Brivot
Say on Pay: A wolf in sheep’s clothing?, 2012, Academy of Management Perspectives Vol 26 No 2, with Michel Magnan