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What is the research programme about?  This research programme improves our understanding of why there are so few women in corporate leadership in Canada. Currently, 80% of directors on boards of Financial Post 500 firms are male; there are no female CEOs in S&P/TSX 60 firms. The research programme is original in that it concentrates on women who recently transitioned into corporate leadership; it explores their experience of this transition to develop a better understanding of why corporate leadership is gender homogenous and how power relations contribute to this gender homogeneity.

What will the research programme achieve? Results from this research programme contribute to current  research on women and corporate leadership, which is largely silent on how power relations contribute to the lack of women in corporate leadership. Results from this research programme also contribute to practice by developing practical implications that will be shared with professionals.

What are the details of the researche programme?
Principal Investigator: Professor Claudine Mangen
Team Members: Professor Sophie Audousset-Coulier (Concordia University), Nelson Duenas (Ph.D. Student, Concordia University)
Funding Agency: SSRHC (IDG Grant) 2017-2019

What are the outputs from the research programme?
Identity tensions and identity work of women transitioning into corporate leadership in Canada, 2019, Work-in-progress, with Sophie Audousset

How is the gender gap in Canadian corporate leadership affecting our boardrooms?, The Gazette, March 9 2019