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What is the research programme about?  This research programme improves our understanding of the implications of corporate disclosures. Corporations communicate a rich variety of information, through disclosures like annual reports, earnings forecasts, and press releases. The research programme is original in that it concentrates on how a corporation’s disclosures affect rival firms in the industry, specifically their investments (e.g., in R&D, capital expenditures).

What will the research programme achieve? Results from this research programme contribute to current research on corporate disclosures, which focusses on the implications of corporate disclosures for investors. In contrast, this research programme develops our understanding of how corporate disclosures affect rival firms and their investments.

What are the details of the researche programme?
Principal Investigator: Professor Claudine Mangen
Team Members: Professor Art Durnev (University of Iowa)
Funding Agency: SSRHC, RBC Professorship in Responsible Organizations

What are the outputs from the research programme?
The spillover effects of MD&A disclosures for real investment: The role of product market competition, 2019, revise-and-resubmit at the Journal of Accounting and Economics, with Art Durnev
Do restatements affect industry investment? The role of textual information in restatement press releases, 2018, revise-and-resubmit at the European Accounting Review, with Art Durnev
Do financial reports matter?, 2012, Blogpost
Corporate investments: Learning from restatements, 2009, Journal of Accounting Research Vol 47 No 3, with Art Durnev