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My research focusses on corporate governance, in particular the leadership of organizations; below is a list of studies that I published and that I am currently working on.

  • The spillover effects of MD&A disclosures for real investment: The role of product market competition, 2015, revise-and-resubmit at the Journal of Accounting and Economics,with Art Durnev
  • Do Restatements Affect Industry Investment? The Role of Textual Information in Restatement Press Releases, 2015, revise-and-resubmit at Contemporary Accounting Research, with Art Durnev
  • Comprendre les motivations des étudiants en filière CCA : une étude exploratoire, 2016, revise-and-resubmit at Finance, Contrôle et Stratégie, with Aude Deville and Véronique Peres