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My primary areas of research concentrate on corporate governance. I study actors involved in corporate governance such as directors, shareholders, and executives; I analyze the practices that characterize corporate governance like board appointments, executive compensation, and disclosure decisions.

Research Highlights
Working papers
  • The spillover effects of MD&A disclosures for real investment: The role of product market competition, 2018, revise-and-resubmit at the Journal of Accounting and Economics, with Art Durnev
  • The challenges of IAS 41 for retail and sophisticated investors: Lessons from the marijuana industry in Canada, 2018, revise-and-resubmit at Accounting Perspectives, with Alexia Paduano, Bianca Paduano, Jessica Hadzurik, Juliano Leggio, Kayla Russo
  • Expertise and institutional logics: A case study of shareholder democracy in Canada, 2018
  • Framing and voice in financial policy-making in Canada, 2018
  • Shareholder activism and the challenges of shareholder democracy, 2018
  • Uncoupling CEO cash pay from performance when bankruptcy approaches: The role of conflicting interests regarding CEO effort, 2018.