The Gazette: How Is the Gender Gap in Canadian Corporate Leadership Affecting Our Boardrooms?

A few weeks ago, I spoke with Lindsay Burgess, from The Gazette, a newspaper in Montreal, Canada. We discussed my research on the gender gap in corporate leadership in Canada; in a recent position paper, available here, the Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations shows that the gender gap in boardrooms across Canada has traditionally been quite considerable and that women have held at best 15% of board seats in Canada. In 2017, the gender gap had somewhat lessened but remained high with women occupying 22% of all Canadian board seats, according to a report from the Canadian Board Diversity Council, available here. I spoke with Ms Burgess about how women have complex feelings about quotas that would force open boardrooms to more diversity. Women often resist quotas; yet, they argue as well that without quotas change may not happen, at least not soon. The article in The Gazette can be found here.

Photo by Christian Fleury, Courtesy of Concordia University

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